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Numerical Modelling

Salients’ staff have extensive experience in numerical modelling using a range of industry standard software packages such as Delft3d, SWAN, TUFLOW and HEC-RAS.  Modelling capabilities cover coastal, flooding, water quality, geomorphology and hydrology.

Sample Projects:

  • Wave modelling in support of revetment design at MacMasters Beach for Central Coast Council (2016).
  • Catchment flooding, tidal and wave modelling to generate project design parameters for Port Stephens Council (2017).
  • Peer review of modelling as part of expert witness services to the Land and Environment Court (2016-17).

Erosion and Siltation Assessments

One of Salients’ key specialisations is the investigation of erosion, sedimentation and geomorphological problems. Studies include the investigation of the contributing causes, identification of management strategies and the design of mitigative works.  Projects span both the open coast, inside estuaries and along rivers and creeks.

Sample Projects:

  • Detailed design of sand relocation works at Conroy Park for Port Stephens Council (2016).
  • Assessment of beach and channel Erosion at Ettalong Creek, Umina for Central Coast Council (2016).
  • Assessment of Swansea Channel migration as part of options assessment for Lake Macquarie City Council at Pelican Boat Ramp (2017).

Flood Studies and Assessments

Salients has an in-depth knowledge of the floodplain management process in New South Wales with experience stretching from high level assessment of flood risk reduction programs, numerical modelling, the completion of flood studies, provision of expert witness services and the assessment of development applications.

Sample Projects:

  • Flood Impact Assessment of individual floodplain developments (numerous clients).
  • Provision of technical expertise to support a review of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage’s Floodplain Management Program for Syneca Consulting (2017-18).
  • Provision of expert’s report relating to problematic inundation and drainage of property and potential court action (several clients).

Maritime and Coastal Engineering Design

Salients delivers engineering design services to provide ongoing support to our clients in the implementation of works and management strategies.  Projects span conceptual design option development, strategic assessment and recommendations to detailed design, drafting and the certification of completed work.

Sample Projects:

  • Detailed design of MacMasters Beach Sea Stairs for Central Coast Council, including constructed works certification (in partnership with Pells Consulting and Lindsay Dynan - 2016).
  • Multi-facet assessment and conceptual design of boat ramp replacement options at Pelican for Lake Macquarie City Council (2017).
  • Detailed design of entrance clearance operations at Avoca Lake for Central Coast Council (2017-18)

Risk Assessment for Climate Change Adaptation, Coastal and Estuarine Planning

Salients’ staff have undertaken research to promote well informed, risk based sea level rise adaptation planning around estuaries and along the open coast. We also property specific risk assessments to address the requirements of local government and other determining authorities

Sample Projects:

  • Research of “Best Practice” coastal climate change risk assessment around Australia for the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (2015-2016).
  • Peer review of extreme water level and sea level rise allowances at One Queensbridge, Melbourne for Venant Solutions (2017).
  • Numerous estuarine and coastal risk management Reports in support of development applications around Australia.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Salients provides environmental impact assessment services, either as the lead consultant where the project is primarily related to our key areas of expertise, or as a subconsultant to other firms.  We pride ourselves on delivering a complete, honest assessment of impacts relating to coastal, estuarine and riverine processes

Sample Projects:

  • Revision of coastal entrance management policy and procedures for Central Coast Council, considering of physical, social and ecological impacts (with Coastal Environment and the University of Newcastle, 2016-2017).
  • Coastal engineering report in support of Review of Environmental Factors for Avoca Beach Foreshore Redevelopment (for NGH Environmental 2016-17).
  • Environmental assessment of a rock revetment at MacMasters Beach for Central Coast Council (2016-17).

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