Projects & Capabilities

Numerical Modelling

Salients’ staff have extensive experience in numerical modelling using a range of software packages such as Delft3d, SWAN, TUFLOW, HEC-RAS, SWASH and DualSPHysics. Modelling capabilities cover coastal, flooding, water quality, geomorphology, hydrology and wave/structure interactions.

Recent Projects

  • Wave, hydraulic and morphodynamic modelling for Pelican Foreshores (2021).
  • Detailed surf break modelling of MacMasters Beach (2020).
  • Probabilistic inundation hazard assessment for Swansea Channel (2019).
Hydrodynamic modelling map output

Erosion and Siltation Assessments

One of Salients’ key specialisations is investigation of erosion, sedimentation and geomorphological problems. Studies include investigation of contributing causes, identification of management strategies and design of mitigative works. Projects span the open coast, inside estuaries and along rivers and creeks.

Recent Projects

  • Detailed assessment of recent beach evolution in and around a rock groyne at The Entrance, NSW using remotely sensed (satellite and aerial photography) data (2021).
  • Assessment of long-term accretion and erosion trends along Adelaide's northern beaches and impact assessment of a proposed sand transfer system (2021).
  • Bathymetric analysis to determine design scour depths for Belmont St Wharf, Lake Macquarie (2020).
Map of a coastal entrance showing areas of erosion and siltation

Flood Studies and Assessments

Salients has an in-depth knowledge of the floodplain management process in New South Wales with experience stretching from high level assessment of flood risk reduction programs, numerical modelling, completion of flood studies, provision of expert witness services and assessment of development applications.

Recent Projects

  • Wave overtopping assessment and detailed inundation modelling for the coastline of Lake Macquarie LGA (2021).
  • Flood emergency response plan for Bar Mellow, Newcastle (2021).
  • Geomorphic / flood assessment as part of an ecological assessment for proposed subdivision at Toormina (2020).
Inundation mapping for an urban area

Maritime and Coastal Engineering Design

Salients delivers engineering design services to provide ongoing support to our clients in the implementation of works and management strategies. Projects span conceptual design option development, strategic assessment and recommendations to detailed design, drafting and the certification of completed work.

Recent Projects

  • Detailed design of foreshore protection structures to address chronic erosion along Pelican Foreshore (2021).
  • Design of environmentally friendly foreshore treatments and seawalls for residential property at Brightwaters, NSW (2020).
  • Detailed design of a rock revetment seawall at Macmasters Beach (2020).
Coastal engineering design plan

Risk Assessment for Climate Change Adaptation, Coastal and Estuarine Planning

Salients’ staff have undertaken research to promote well informed, risk based sea level rise adaptation planning around estuaries and along the open coast. We also regularly complete assessments, relating to single lot developments, to meet the requirements of local government and other determining authorities.

Recent Projects

  • Pelican Foreshore probabilistic hazard assessment to map lines of future recession likelihood (2021).
  • Coastal hazards risk assessment for Stockton Beach Coastal Management Program (2020).
  • Numerous estuarine and coastal risk management reports in support of development applications around Australia.
Coastal inundation hazard map

Environmental Impact Assessment

Salients provides environmental impact assessment services, either as the lead consultant where the project is primarily related to our key areas of expertise, or as a subconsultant to other firms. We pride ourselves on delivering a complete, honest assessment of impacts relating to coastal, estuarine and riverine processes.

Recent Projects

  • Review of environmental factors for stormwater treatment works at Pearl Beach Lagoon (2021).
  • Assessment of the impacts and performance of a rock groyne at South Entrance Beach (2021).
  • Coastal processes assessment of a rock revetment at MacMasters Beach for Central Coast Council (2019).
Photograph of sediment build up in a creek

Coastal Management Programs

Salients has led teams delivering several projects under the present NSW Coastal Management Framework, including scoping studies, Stage 2 technical coastal hazard and risk studies, the formulation and assessment of management options for CMPs and the drafting of CMPs including negotiations surrounding the development of business plans.

Recent Projects

  • Scoping study and Coastal Management Program for three estuaries within the Eurobodalla LGA (2021).
  • Final stages of the Manning River Estuary Coastal Management Program (2020).
  • Stages 2-4 of the Bellingen Shire Coastal Management Program (2020-ongoing).
Excerpt from a map of the coastal zone